Client Testimonials

"I have had an excellent experience working with this firm so far. I came to Ms. Brown in search of legal advice about pursuing Permanent Resident status in the USA. The knowledge her team has shared with me thus far has been invaluable in this pursuit. Ms. Brown and her team have been professional, punctual, and overall great to work with."


"I was very happy with your...thoroughness and your frank and clear information and advice...I do feel confident that, whatever our arrangements may end up being, I have found a party to whom I can turn for clear and honest advice."


"I am writing this letter to thank your firm for the outstanding job that was done in handling my husband's case...[He] was approved for Permanent Resident and we were ecstatic. It was a dream come true for us. Our previous nightmare was finally over. Petrella Brown PLC made it happen. I was very glad to have Petrella Brown PLC representing us. I would recommend this firm to anyone needing representation in a case. A humongous thank you to you all for making our dream and wish come true."

V.G. & J.G.

"Today I start my new life with a bright future. You took me out of hell to heaven. You brought me a new life. You were not just providing me...professional legal support, but you gave me both mental and physical support which was making me feel like you...are my own family helping me to fight with the problem I was facing while I am here alone."


"Once more I was convinced that the law firm Petrella Brown PLC provides professional assistance in the shortest possible time. This company has helped me not only get civil status, but also to resolve immigration issues in my family. Petrella Brown PLC's individual approach, attention, and care to their clients distinguishes it from many other law firms. I'm proud of familiarity with these people and I am proud to be a U.S. citizen."


"Our experience with Petrella Brown was a positive one. [They] worked with us one on one and provided us wonderful support through our immigration process. They have kind and speedy staff who are always ready to assist. We highly recommend the firm to anyone going through the immigration process. Many thanks to Petrella Brown for their help!"


"Petrella Brown gives 100% and they are very good at what they do. I am very happy with their work. I finally became a US resident after eight years thanks to them. Very satisfied."


"What I liked best about working with Petrella Brown PLC was that communication was really good, as was the service. We felt confident with all our paperwork and documents, applying for everything and going to the USCIS. We were also very satisfied with the legal work performed, as well as the prompt responses by staff."


"I liked working with all of the employees of the firm. The firm appears very knowledgeable and prompt in their responses. I also liked that everyone is understandable and 'in touch' with clients. I am very happy with all of the work the firm has done for me and my family. I have no complaints! [My overall experience] was great! They exceeded my expectations! They initiated the process of making my family's life better and secure."


"On behalf of our entire family, thank you for your help in resolving our father's case; you've done an awesome job. We could not have done it without [you]."

The K. Family

"I couldn't have gotten by without [Petrella Brown's] staff. Your dedication and persistence are appreciated and adored. I would like to say I am beyond grateful."


"I came to Petrella Brown for my asylum case. I was treated very well...I had a very difficult and complicated case. It took a very long time before my case was heard before a judge. On my way to court for the trial, I stopped my car twice because I thought this will never happen and I was tired of it all. When [they] told me the judge granted my asylum application and I won my case, I couldn't believe it. I was so surprised. My friends told me that these cases are never won in Detroit. It took two days before it sunk in that I really won my case and was granted asylum."


"I am very much impressed with the services from Petrella Brown PLC's office. They are one legal consulting firm I can trust with my legal queries. Recently when I needed to deal with INS I approached them. They did a good job. They will spend enough time with clients and understand the case and prepare an excellent write-up and file the case. So the result will be positive."


"My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to say a very sincere thank you for all the work that your firm has done for us and for all necessary papers that were required and very well prepared. We thank all your staff for the professionalism that they showed us over the past year, and we thank you for the great experience that we had. It is greatly appreciated by both of us and our families. Also the way all documents were listed and presented in front of the immigration officer was outstanding and appreciated by the officer of immigration. We could have not done it without your help and knowledge."

F.B. & C.B.

"I always keep you guys in mind if there is someone needing immigration attorneys. You did a great job for my brother, and we really appreciate it."


"I am very happy and thankful to Petrella Brown PLC...It is an asset to have people as reliable as Petrella Brown PLC working with me. All my concerns are answered thoroughly and very timely. You certainly can count on them. I will definitely recommend this firm to all my friends and family."


"You ladies have been absolutely wonderful, always answering all my questions and putting me at ease...You ladies assisted me and helped me through this long year and a half and I would not have been able to do it alone! I would recommend [you to] everyone who is ever in need of a wonderful lawyer and firm. I keep praising all of you, I am so happy I just can't take this smile off my face! Thank you."


"Thank you very much for all of your team's help in this matter. This would certainly have been a pain to do it ourselves. It was a pleasure working with Petrella Brown!"


"You kept us informed. Very good communication during all this process. Thank you very much!"

M.B. & M.B.

"[Petrella Brown PLC is] very professional but the best part [is that they are] personable, very sensitive and sincere to [their] clients' personal issues. Kindness to me is very important in all walks of life. [My experience was] very positive. In fact, I have recommended [them] to several friends. I also appreciate the fact that when scheduling meetings, there is no exaggerated amount of time to wait."


"[The best thing about working with Petrella Brown was] the warm, caring, highly competent services we received. [Their] dignified and competent demeanor, as well as the friendliness and utility of all the staff we encountered, really helped my 88-year-old uncle to be comfortable with the estate planning process. We were particularly impressed with the elegant solutions used to resolve our heretofore complex problems. We feel very fortunate to have found Petrella Brown when we did."


"[The attorneys at Petrella Brown have] written wills and trusts for us, and helped keep them up-to-date for changes in our circumstances and tax laws. We've been especially pleased with [their] estate planning expertise, and the thoughtful way [they have] efficiently guided us through what can be a complex and difficult process. Based on our experience, we would recommend [the] firm for others in need of estate planning assistance."


"It was easy to communicate the circumstances that were involved to the lawyers. [Their] availability was only a phone call away. No questions were considered frivolous. The atmosphere in the office was warm and professional. The overall experience was not threatening at all. Thank you for doing a great job."


"Petrella Brown PLC [has] served our companies, MHSI and MHSI International, extremely well over quite a number of years. Our legal needs have been varied, ranging from routine annual record keeping [to] employee issues, complex involvements with governmental agencies, commercial dispute settlements, and even some work [in] estate and succession planning. In all cases, [their] service has been of the highest quality, timely, fairly priced, and followed through with care and professionalism. Our dealings have, in addition, always been personable and pleasant. Furthermore, on the occasions when highly specialized legal needs arise, [they have] been willing and able to connect us with the appropriate niche counsel. We strongly recommend [them] to serve your legal needs."

Ed Smith, President, MHSI Inc.

"The staff of Petrella Brown PLC is very helpful and capable: all the professionals are able to find innovative solutions in order to fix problems related to business and immigration issues in the U.S. market. Moreover, [they have] Italian native speakers. In this way for an Italian company [it] is easy to manage the relationship with the law firm and the attorneys are able to assist properly all our employees."


"[Petrella Brown] organized the legal documents based on information from Italy. English and Italian documents were created by [the] firm, they were signed by our family, witnessed, and notarized, all at the same time. No need to find translators or notary! I was impressed with the professional staff. They were very friendly, not overbearing."


"[What I liked] best about working with Petrella Brown PLC [was their] knowledge of Italian laws, pertaining to power of attorney requirements. [I had] total satisfaction that the documents were prepared on time and correctly."


"The support of Petrella Brown PLC was crucial for [our company] to set up a branch in Michigan. First of all, thanks to [Petrella Brown PLC] we decided to set up a LLC (Limited Liability) and this choice was the best for our needs. Moreover, [they] had helped us to get our tax ID in order to be able to operate in the U.S. market. In addition, [they] introduced us to our accountant, one of the best companies in Michigan, and [they] helped us to get in touch with the bank and be able to open an account in the U.S. Also, [concerning] contractual issues, the law firm Petrella Brown PLC was supporting the CEO of [our company] to handle different issues: employment contracts, service agreements with suppliers in the U.S. and strategic partnerships with other engineering companies in Michigan . Finally, thanks to the support of Petrella Brown PLC, the company I work for was able to obtain non-immigrant visa (H1B) and B1 visa: in this way, our Italian employees are able to come to the U.S. for a short period for technical meetings and training."