International Estate Planning Attorneys

We live in a globalized society with business and personal decisions frequently crossing state and international borders. Are you a U.S. citizen? Have you worked for a foreign company? Do you have family overseas? Do you own property outside the United States? If so, then foreign laws will impact your planning.

Working in conjunction with foreign attorneys, Petrella Brown PLC can ensure that your estate planning documents are drafted with complex international considerations in mind.

We offer decades of experience in both estate planning and international law, which often involve tax planning and business law concerns. We represent clients who have an international aspect to their estate planning.

We also help clients structure their foreign and U.S. retirements and other benefits to maximize their impact. Contact our office in Southfield, Michigan, to learn more about our international estate planning counsel.

Conflicting International Laws and Tax Consequences

Your citizenship in the United States and/or in another country will influence the type of tax advantages or disadvantages you experience in estate planning. If you are a foreign national, you may wish to consider becoming a U.S. citizen to benefit from the tax advantages available only to U.S. citizens. Furthermore, individuals with dual citizenship may be able to take advantage of tax benefits in both countries.

We can help multinational families with questions of:

  • Property held abroad (including adverse possession and fractional shares)
  • Property held by U.S. citizens and foreign nationals
  • Questions of gifts to non-U.S. citizens
  • Establishment of guardianships or conservatorships when the guardian may be in a different country

Ultimately, our goal is to minimize loss and preserve assets through thoughtful and strategic estate planning representation. Arrange a consultation via email or by telephone at 248-223-9883 to learn more about your options with help from an experienced lawyer at Petrella Brown PLC.