Michigan Special Needs Trusts Attorneys

Stability and security are crucial when your loved one with special needs due to physical or mental disability requires healthcare, financial assistance, educational options, or guardianship.

At Petrella Brown PLC, in Southfield, Michigan, we understand the importance of these difficult issues. As probate and estate planning attorneys with decades of experience, we develop strong estate plans for clients throughout Michigan to ensure that their loved ones are cared for today, tomorrow, and for years down the road.

Special needs trusts play a large role in providing both peace of mind and practical solutions for parents or guardians of minor or adult children who require long-term medical or financial assistance. This can even include adult children who are high-functioning and able to live on their own, but who may be unable to remain gainfully employed because of unexpected hospital stays or behavioral issues.

"Parents and other family caregivers of relatives with developmental disabilities or a mental illness often wonder: What will happen when we can no longer provide care? Often, as family members, you don't realize just how much you do. What will happen, then, when these loved ones are suddenly on their own? The answer is never easy, but with appropriate future-care planning, including financial, legal, and other issues, many of your worries can be mitigated. At NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), we recommend caregivers start early in their planning process for their loved one." – Leon Judd, President, NAMI Metro-Oakland, Wayne, Macomb

In these cases, you may address your loved one's needs by setting up a trust to manage the assets you leave for your child when you can no longer care for him. This way, finances can be managed over time, in a responsible manner, rather than given to the beneficiary in one lump sum.

Managing Healthcare, Financial Assets, and Eligibility for Government Benefits

When assets are placed in a properly drafted special needs trust, the beneficiary may remain eligible for government assistance programs, which are typically crucial for sustaining a reasonable standard of living, in addition to receiving trust benefits. Preserving assets and wealth in this manner will give your child the best opportunity to live as independently, productively, happily, and comfortably as possible. Special needs planning may also relieve parents' concerns for their child's future after they die.

A Lawyer Who Understands Your Goals

We take the time to discuss directly with our clients the advantages and disadvantages of various options so that they understand how special needs trusts work and how one could benefit their family.

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