Michigan Investor Visa Attorneys

"When written in Chinese, the word 'crisis' is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity." - President John F. Kennedy

The recent economic climate has changed the way people view Detroit. Individuals and businesses throughout Michigan have faced financial hardships, but these challenges have also created a ripe environment for new business development and ample opportunities to acquire real estate at attractive cost.

If you are launching a business or want to expand your current operation, the Detroit area offers exciting business opportunities that are second to none. Given our experience and know-how, we stand ready to assist you with every important detail to bring business prosperity.

Helping You Get Results in Complex Immigration and Investor Visa Issues

At Petrella Brown PLC, in Southfield, Michigan, we are seasoned immigration lawyers with comprehensive business law and international law capabilities. Our large-firm experience is delivered in a small-firm setting where clients can rely on accessible attorneys to answer their questions directly.

We handle a breadth of legal issues related to investor visas, including:

  • E visas, such as the E-1 (Treaty Trader) or E-2 (Treaty Investor) visas used to support temporary but substantial investments in newly created enterprises or existing industries, or the EB-5 visa (Immigrant Investor) for investors who eventually will be seeking green cards (permanent residence) or citizenship
  • L visas, such as the L-1A (executives and managers) or L-1B (workers with specialized knowledge) visas used to facilitate the relocation of employees with international companies to or the development of U.S.-based offices

Your investment options will depend on a number of factors, including whether or not there is a trade treaty between your home country and the United States, and what minimum investment requirements will apply in your case (because of unemployment rates or geographical areas).

As you develop a business plan, we can help you consider these legal issues and draw on the resources of experienced financial advisors and certified public accountants (CPAs) to ensure that every detail is given close attention.

Contact our office online or by telephone at 248-223-9883 to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer. We offer multilingual legal services in Italian, German, and French.