Italian Collaboration

Petrella Brown is pleased to announce its recent collaboration with legal firm Dolmetta & Salomone, based in Milan, Italy.

With this multinational connection, Petrella Brown clients, both businesses and individuals with dealings in both the United States and Italy, benefit from reputable and experienced legal guidance in both countries. Both firms are able to draw on their respective legal, real estate or business contacts to provide valuable counsel and information.

Petrella Brown e' lieta di annunciare la recente collaborazione con lo Studio Legale Dolmetta & Salomone, con sede a Milano, in Italia.
Con questo collegamento internazionale i clienti di Petrella Brown, sia imprese che individui con rapporti negli Stati Uniti ed in Italia, beneficiano di assistenza legale prestata da professionisti rispettabili e con anni di esperienza nei due paesi. Entrambi gli studi legali attingono dai rispettivi contatti nel mondo del diritto, dei beni immobiliari e degli affari per fornire assistenza e consigli ad alto livello.

Italian Companies Seeking To Do Business in U.S.

Petrella Brown is uniquely positioned to provide business guidance and legal assistance to Italian companies who want to do business in the United States. Attorney Marisa Petrella and paralegal Michela Gelodi Forest speak Italian and have experience with established Italian companies seeking to create a subsidiary in the United States. The firm also has the immigration background to assist Italian companies to bring Italian employees to work or Italian investors who want to purchase property or begin a business enterprise in order to obtain a visa in the United States.

American Companies Seeking To Do Business in Italy

For Petrella Brown clients doing business in Italy, the law firm's collaboration with Dolmetta & Salomone gives clients peace of mind. The partners at Dolmetta & Salomone, Professor Aldo Angelo Dolmetta and Marco Benito Salomone, have experience in business transactions, litigation, banking, and bankruptcy. It is important to navigate wisely though the laws of the European Union and of Italy in order make successful business dealings.

Whatever your legal concerns concerning Italy - to create a business or subsidiary, to import or export goods, handle litigation, international estate planning, or property valuation - you can expect to receive professional, adept, and sound legal advice from Petrella Brown in collaboration with Dolmetta & Salomone. Contact us online or by telephone at 248-223-9883.

Qualunque siano i vostri interessi sull'Italia ed in Italia, quali aprire un'attivita' commerciale o una filiale, importare o esportare prodotti, gestire un contenzioso, pianificare il trasferimento di beni mobili ed immobili, preparare la successione in Italia e negli Stati Uniti, o semplicemente ottenere il valore della proprieta', Petrella Brown, in collaborazione con Dolmetta & Salomone, e' in grado di fornire assistenza legale valida e capace in ogni settore professionale. Mettevi in contatto con noi a mezzo internet o telephono al numero 248-223-9883.

Americans Who Own Property in Italy

Our law firm has provided guidance to Americans who own property in Italy. Often times, Italian property has been inherited by family members who reside in the United States and who may not speak Italian. Property may be owned jointly with other distant family members, or various parcels of land may be involved. Immediately, it is important to find out exactly how the property is owned, whether it has been properly maintained and whether taxes have been paid. Powers of attorney recognized by the Italian authorities are needed to sell the property. The property may be forfeited to the Italian governmental entity for non-payment of taxes or an individual unlawfully residing on the property could claim ownership through adverse possession. If you find yourself in a similar situation, action needs to be taken to protect your interests. If an Italian lawyer or surveyor must be hired, the network through Dolmetta & Salomone will allow us to find the answers.

International Estate Planning

Some Italians who move to the United States, never become American citizens and therefore some U.S. tax benefits are not available to them. On the other hand, some Italian-Americans, with dual citizenship, have property in the United States and Italy. Both scenarios require international estate planning to insure proper transfer of property upon death and to minimize unnecessary taxation.

Petrella Brown and Dolmetta & Salomone will collaborate for clients with Italian and American estate planning needs. To secure your interests, these firms are able to prepare trusts and other necessary documents in each country.